Is Your Content Worthy of a Like, Share, Pin, Retweet, Google +1?

How many hours have you spent adding buttons, gadgets and widgets to your new blog or website? You research the right tools, share buttons, share bars, analytic tracking tools and more. You install them with a hope and a prayer that someone somewhere is going to use them.  However, unfortunately many business leaders find they don’t get used.



A ‘very important’ writing tip

I just came across a real gem of a letter on Letters of Note, sent by C.S. Lewis to a young American fan in 1956. Isn’t it lovely and quite remarkable that he replied to his fan mail in such a thoughtful and personal way?

Aside from that, though, this letter stood out to me because of a particular piece of advice shared in it, which I think all e-learning designers (indeed, all writers!) should be mindful of: