Graham digs in to ban mentally ill from guns, as Dems focus on assault weapons

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As Senate Democrats pushes ahead with a proposed ban on assault weapons and other gun-control legislation, Republicans are still trying to draw attention to what they see as the biggest issue — keeping the mentally ill from owning firearms.

Scott Bergman‘s insight:

The problem as I see it, is, how do you define somebody as metally ill? Is it someone that take anti-depressants? Someone that see’s a psychiatrist?  Hell, depending on how you define it everyone in the world can be defined as mentally ill. I think most of the people I have to deal with on the highway are mentally ill! Are we going to have thought police now? Be careful before you jump on the bandwagon for this bill. Once you outlaw the mentally ill from owning guns, it’s very simple to widen the definition of mentally ill.

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